Tri Speed Ethernet MAC
Trispeed Ethernet MAC
Tri Speed Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) suports 10/100/1000Mb full duplex communications, and can interface to MII/GMII/SGMII Phy devices.

Sheldon Instruments offers a Tri Speed Ethernet MAC (EMAC) core with a highly efficient design architecture characterized by low resource utilization and low transmit and receive latencies.

For more demanding applications, Sheldon Instruments can custom design the interface to fit your needs, or provide technical support for those designing their own interfaces.

Key Features

  • Tri-speed MAC supports 10Mb, 100Mb, and 1Gb Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 networks.
  • Interfaces to SGMII/GMII PHYs.
  • Full/Half duplex flow control.
  • 8KByte RX/TX FIFO Buffers.
  • Seemless handling of all layer implementation details.

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Product, Description, Price (US dollars)
SI-FPGAIP-EMAC, Tri Speed Ethernet MAC (EMAC) Core, Call