Services and Custom Designs

Sheldon Instruments is highly specialized in developing complex embedded hardware and software products, and offers this expertise to our customers in the form of system integration, semi custom or fully custom work in the case our commercially off the shelf (COTS) products require minor modifications or are not exactly suited for your particular application.

By carefully assessing technical and economic viability, Sheldon Instruments guarantees the desired outcome by significantly mitigating risk and controlling costs. Foremost, providing the latest technology allows the customer to focus on being a market leader in their respective fields.

Our Skills

  • Circuit board design and layout.
  • DSP hardware design.
  • DSP software development.
  • FPGA hardware design.
  • FPGA programming.
  • Complete turn-key systems.

A Few Examples of Custom Projects

  • Integration of multiple PCs and DSP cards into racks using Ethernet for virtual indefinite channel count expansion.
  • Development, design, and integration of PCs and FPGA cards for image processing and motor control.
  • Development of elaborate DSP functions and libraries that fully explore the limits of multicore DSPs.
  • Development of signal conditioning cards complete with anti-alias filters.