SI-TERMxx Contact Terminal Block adapter.
SI-TERMxx Contact Terminal Block adapter.

The SI-TERM100 & SI-TERM68 terminal block boards easily interface user I/O signals to the analog and digital I/O connectors of all Sheldon Instruments DSP carrier cards housed with an SI-MOD I/O module.

  • 100 or 68 screw terminals for convenient and fast connection to I/O signals.
  • Prototyping area for custom front end circuitry.
  • Standoffs for desktop or mounting in a custom panel.
  • Compact size 6″ x 8″ (15cm x 20cm).

Screw Terminals
[table class=”siTB”]
Product, Description, Price (US dollars)
SI-TERM-68, Breakout Board with 68 Contact Screw Terminals, 135
SI-TERM-100, Breakout Board with 100 Contact Screw Terminals, 195