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TI DM6467/648/6437/642 DMPs Device Driver for all Windows and Linux versions.


TI DMP Device Driver for Windows and Linux
The Sheldon Instruments SI-DDK-TI is a development package with projects and related source code used to create applications and drivers for all 32/64 bit Windows and Linux versions for TI’s DM6467/648/6437/642 DMPs.

The applications and drivers are written so as to access all TI DM64x devices as memory mapped PCI peripherals in target mode, with additional support for bus master transfers using DMA with the DM6467/648 devices. The common API for all operating systems facilitates minimal cross platform development time, and may also be used as a model of how to write applications and device drivers for Windows and Linux, saving you precious time while giving you actual and comprehensive control of your software development.

Windows vs. Linux
The SI-DDK-TI-WIN is used to create WDF drivers (SYS files) using the Windows Driver Foundation, thus making it possible for a single application to run under all Windows 32/64 bit versions. For convenience, compiled and ‘ready to go’ drivers and application example binaries are already included. In the case you want to build the binaries from the source code, you will need the WinXP/Vista/7/8 DDK, along with the associated Microsoft development environments.

The SI-DDK-TI-LNX is GPL compliant source code used to create Linux applications and drivers (files in the form of modules), using the integrated C/C++ development environment included with all Linux versions.

Function Support:

  • DM6467/648 devices only: support for COFF load and bus master using the onchip DMA engine.
  • Access to the DM6467/648/6437/642 as a target device.
  • Access to the DM6467/648/6437/642’s registers and configuration space memory.
  • Event based application Call-Back routines.
  • Common API for both Windows and Linux 32/64 bit environments.
  • Multiple board support, limited only by available slots on system motherboard/backplane.
  • Support for Windows Plug’n’Play features.

The SI-DDK-TI packages include:

  • Projects and related source code for building 32/64bit kernel mode drivers.
  • Projects and related source code for building a 32/64bit command line executable or a DLL for Windows or a shared object for Linux.
  • Simple documentation describing the step by step process used to build the driver.
  • 30 day limited technical support over the phone, extended e-mail support.
  • Royalty-free unlimited license to distribute binaries built with the SI-DDK-TI.
  • SI-DDK-TI-WIN only: compiled and ‘ready to go’ 32/64 bit binaries.

Device Driver Development Kits for TI DM642/6437/6467/648
[table class=”siTB”]
Product, Description, Price (US dollars)
SI-DDK-TI-WIN, Projects/source for WDM/WDF drivers for 32/64 bit Windows, 300
SI-DDK-TI-LNX, Projects/source for kernel mode drivers for 32/64 bit Linux, 300
SI-DDK-TI-ALL, Projects/source for all drivers for 32/64 bit Windows & Linux, 450